Welcome to the Arcanamirium Campaign Site

This campaign is an online game that is run play-by-post. The game uses the Pathfinder rules and the Pathfinder setting. The general scope of the game is surrounding the activities of students in the Arcanamirium Arcane University.

I plan of organizing all of the content necessary to inform all of the players in the Arcanamirium game in this wiki format. Also, visit the forum thread for the game at The D Place.

For the most recent character creation rules, visit the New Character Creation Guide.

Everything else can be found by browsing the main wiki and find what you’re looking for there. The characters tab has information on all of the PCs and the NPCs encountered so far.

For those that have not already, check out Nick’s new forum. We will be playing there, and we are discussing many things there already.

Quick Links to Pages Important to Players:
Buildings of Interest
Bulletin Board
Dueling League


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