Campaign Development Notes

What is this idiot thinking?

Until play starts, I will use this section to write what changes are being made to the rules to keep players in the loop. I will also write my thoughts as I contemplate the various rules that we will be defining.

To start with, I copy pasted the relevant contents of the email I sent to Corienne and Nick regarding the planning questions.

In addition, I am writing the character creation rules. While writing that players can be “Up to 5th level”, I realized this: if I am limiting players to first level arcane casting, then a player taking wizard would be 2 wizard to avoid being too high level casting, and 3 in something else. That would be strange.

I think I will have players be lvl 3 or 4 starting out. If many say they want to be more powerful, we can bump it to 5 and let starting characters have up to 2nd lvl of arcane spells.
If any of you have a solution that you would like for this issue, let me know.



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