Campaign Development Notes Part 2

Mostly Figured Out

I rewrote the New Character Creation Guide. I made restrictions on spells and gear so that it can be an interesting part of the game to research new spells and obtain resources to make items.

On the subject of equipment; during the last game, I felt that making a stat bump item is important to character. The problem is that it is kinda boring to get a calculation effect. I think an item like a headband of intelligence would be more interesting if it were given to you as a status symbol of becoming a higher rank in the university.

Mechanics-wise, I would give a 5th or 6th lvl character a headband of mental stat +2. Around 8th or 9th, it would be a headband +4. Looking at character wealth, that would be just below half of the expected loot allowance to a character of those levels.

Let me know if any of you have an opinion on that.



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