Winifred Burkle


Looks: She has long flowing brown hair thats either down or twirled up in a bun with a pencil to hold it in place. She’s got sky blue eyes behind thick glasses that she can barely see without. She always wears dresses and whatever shoes fit the mood of the day (she adores shoes.)

Personality: Winifred is charming, confident and dangerously curious. She loves reading, writing and helping out at her parent’s bookstore. She loves to help other people and will never refuse a plea for help. She hates to see anyone or anything suffer. She is fascinated with history and antiques. As for magic, she uses it like a tool; a means to an end.


Winifred was born by Sarah and Henry Burkle. She had a brother, David, who died 2 years ago from pneumonia. She was very close to her brother and his death hit her very hard. He was an archeologist and always brought her gifts from his adventures. When Winifred was offered a full scholarship into the Arcanamirium Univeristy, her brother gave her a book he handcrafted to use as her new spellbook. That book is the most important thing in the world to her. The day Winifred left for the university, her parents gave her David’s old adventuring pack. They said it was a special bag that looked normal, but it’s pockets could hold far more than expected. Excited, scared, but ultimately curious, Winifred hugged her parents and headed off on her first adventure; The Arcanamirium.

Winifred Burkle

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