Barghest Furs

Barghest Hero Cloak


You gain a +2 competence bonus on Intimidate checks. If your patron is Lamashtu or one of the goblin barghest heroes (Hadregash, Venkelvore, Zarongel, or Zogmugot), once per day you can polymorph into a wolf or a wolf-goblin hybrid for up to 7 minutes (the hybrid form resembles a barghest’s natural form but has the same statistics as a wolf).

Mesavan wrote:

I looked at it and saw that it is a 3.5 item. I will update and increase it’s power slightly. I updated the powers to Pathfinder Polymorph and made it count as shapshifting into a Barghest (remember that Barghest are medium sized).

Duration: 9 minutes in 1 minute increments
+2 Strength
+2 Nat Armor
Darkvision 60 ft
Bite (1d6)
2 Claws (1d4)

Obviously, the +2 Intimidate stays.


This cloak looks like a gray wolf’s pelt, including legs and tail; the clasp is a wolf’s tooth.

Barghest Furs

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