Tag: Absalom Government


  • Lord Gyre

    Lord Gyre is most well known as the Primarch of Absalom. In addition, he is the First Spell Lord, which gives him authority over all magical practice and education across the city. He is the dean of the Arcanamirium, but most of the work is done by the …

  • Lady Darchana

    Lady Darchana of House Madinani is the archdean of the Arcanamirium, the most prestigious magical university in the city of Absalom. A wizard of great power, she also holds one of the lesser seats on the Grand Council of Absalom, and the title of second …

  • Lord Utgar

    The Third Spell Lord is a position of discipline, he is the overseer of justice in magical matters. He presides over the [[Varlokkur | Varlokkur]] as lead judge and policy maker. The decisions he makes are checked only by the spell lords above him.