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  • Arcanamirium

    Like the Absalom wiki page, I am putting the basic information here, check out "the full article":http://pathfinder.wikia.com/wiki/Arcanamirium. There are a few changes to the exact campaign description, but it is mostly followed. The Arcanamirium is a …

  • Varlokkur

    The Varlokkur are a group of spell-casting judges charged with keeping magic in the city of Absalom within acceptable limits. They answer to the city's [[:lord-utgar | Third Spell Lord]], but their legal training is the responsibility of the city's [[: …

  • Wise Council

    The Wise Council is the gathering of the most senior professors. The council oversees the advancement of students and the promotion of magic as a science and art in Absalom. The position is accompanied by the notable black robes.

  • Dueling League

    The Dueling League is the Arcanamirium's organized combat organization. The League has two divisions, the Combat League and the Summoning League. h3. Combat League: The three competitions in the Combat League operate under the same rules. The …