Apprentices are the lowest rank of full time student in the Arcanamirium. They can be recognized by the uniform green robes with simple gold trim. It is said that the green stands for the inexperience and envy of a budding mage. The uniforms are only required for ceremonies and expected but not enforced for classes.

Apprentices are given access to the most basic of tools and equipment for their experiments and study. Their library access is limited to the publicly available main room of the library building. Further access of the library’s more controlled knowledge would require permission from a professor or upperclassman.

Socially, apprentices are obviously the bottom rung. Unlike other organizations, however, the apprentices are an important part of the hierarchy of the Arcanamirium due to the trade of the apprentice’s time doing grunt work that upperclassmen do have time to do in exchange for the resources that the upperclassmen have access to. Typically, the exchanges are civil, but there can be those that resent working for someone else, and those that get over eager with the power.

The trial of apprentices to ascend to the next level of education is to give a display of your expanded arcane talent.


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