Like the Absalom wiki page, I am putting the basic information here, check out the full article. There are a few changes to the exact campaign description, but it is mostly followed.

The Arcanamirium is a university of arcane learning that is considered the most respectable in the western world. Unlike most institutions of magical learning, the Arcanamirium emphasizes wide fields of study and practical application of spell casting.

Students within the Arcanamirium are ranked base on arcane talent. In order of least to most powerful, students can be classified as one of the following ranks: Apprentice, Journeyman, Maven, and Arcanscenti. The social and academic expectations are written in their own section.

After graduating in the academic track from being a student, members of the Arcanamirium then become staff and work their way of the totem pole of professorship until reaching the Wise Council. Professors that desire may take a less stable position as a travelling researcher who carries out their studies outside the school and sometimes brings back a budding student to teach.

As a considerable power in the city, the Arcanamirium is allowed by the city to govern internal affairs with their own laws and justice system. To read more, you may visit The Law of Arcana.

As the game progresses, the party will encounter Buildings of Interest that will be discussed in it’s own page.


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