Buildings of Interest

The buildings of interest encountered are listed below:

The Elixir of Truth Tavern-
A few blocks outside the gates of the Arcanamirium, this tavern in the Wise Quarter is a popular place for students and intellectuals to eat, drink, and converse. The taverns kitchen is open from breakfast to after midnight. Many of the students in tower 8 are told about this location by Findel after the first week of class.

Tornulis’ Hall of Crafting-
This large building is four stories tall and has a large chamber attached. The crafting studies and projects are performed here, both mundane and magical. In the large chamber is where golem studies is practiced. The floors separate the ranks of student, the higher rank of student allows for the better equipment.

The Robinhan Auditorium-
Near the gate of the school, the speech hall is the largest in the school. It supports the largest lecture classes, mostly the entry level material or the universal interests. The auditorium is also home to public lectures, award ceremonies, and debates.

The Ritual Stadium-
First seen during the orientation, this building is used for rituals and important procedures. The building has four entrances. Each entrance leads into an identical antechamber with dirt floors and thirteen pillars. More to be posted as more is known.

The Repository-
This building is differentiated from it’s neighbors by the attached greenhouse. The place is organized on the inside like a bank. In some ways it is the place of currency for those that require funding.

The Clinic-
A centrally located building, the clinic is a squat structure with little space. It is mostly designed for those with less than serious wounds get treated and sent home. For serious problems, the clergy of the nearby Ascendant Court are called in, or the patient escorted there.

Student Tower #8-
The tower inhabited by the PC’s and their peers. The overseer of the tower is Maven Astrid Volta. The tower is eight floors tall and houses 56 students in seven apartments. The first floor is an entrance with a Bulletin Board and a cafeteria. The basement has washing facilities and storage. The upper seven floors are living quarters and the roof has astrology equipment and furniture where students like to relax.

The Dueling Field-
While not a building, this grass field is still an important visual aspect of the school. The grass is well maintained despite the repeated abuses of the many dueling practices and competitions that take place on the field.

Buildings of Interest

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