Bulletin Board

A cork board on the wall of the first floor of the tower holds papers and advertisements. It is separated into three sections: Services Available, Help Wanted, and Recruitment.

Services Available:

Apartment Remodeling!
Reshape your rooms with the Wise Council approved architect Alec Drovergun. 150 gold per 15 cubic feet, requests can be put in the box at the door to the second floor.

Sabatto’s Stupendous Shop
Got a hangover from last nights party? Need some new clothes to impress someone special? Break your roommates favorite chair and need it fixed before he/she finds out? For all this and more see Sabatto, the Crazy Gnome of the Fourth floor. Messages can be left in the box outside the door, or given to the Homonculus, Fel’dar, who can commonly be found flying around the tower, or perched in the common room of the fourth floor.

Tour of Absalom
Findel Tarmikos would like to offer his expertise in urban exploration to those of you that would like to experience the wonders of the fine city of Absalom. I charge 15 gold per district per group, reduced charge is negotiable for favors.

Help Wanted:

Reagent Caregiver Needed
The Arcanamirium tries to reduce cost by producing casting reagents. The Repository is looking for students willing to help in harvesting various reagents important to spell casting. Students will gain an account with the Repository that will allow for the purchase of expensive components for the students spells and crafting. Inquire at the Repository building for information.

Spellbook Scribe Wanted
I wish to have a large number of spells inscribed into a spellbook. 5 gold per page, materials wasted on failures deducted from pay. Exceptional work may be repaid in access to copy from my spellbook. Leave a note for Malki Traendithas at the desk.
This ad seems to have been taken down soon after posting.

Medical Staff Needed
The school clinic would like to offer payment for students to assist in keeping the campus healthy. No experience required, but pay is based on usefulness. Don’t be afraid to apply if you wish to learn.

Library Assistant
The school arcane library requires student assistants to oversee the library and organize new and returned books. No experience necessarily, but knowledgeable students are rewarded.


Knowledge Exchange Club
Know an easy spell or formula you’d like to teach to others? Maybe a spell you learned from a local legend back home? A recipe your mom taught you that can be applied to alchemy? Or maybe just want to share/learn things from other cultures? Then come to the Knowledge Exchange Club meeting! We’d love to meet you and share what we know with you! We will meet on Sundays at 4pm on top of the apartment tower (only students allowed.)

Dueling League
The time has come for our tower to dominate the combat field! Join the combat squad by contacting Majjid Xerbystesi on the eighth floor of the tower. There will be a meeting on the south end of the field at 4 in the afternoon on Starday(Saturday).

Astrology Club
While many seek to explore other planes of existence, few wish to discover what lies beyond our planet. The Astrology Club is an independent study organization that meets on a nightly basis to chart and observe the stars. Come to our nightly meetings on the roof after dusk.

Crafting Collective
Need help adding spells to your crafting that you can’t cast on your own? Every evening after the crafting classes meet, there will be an informal help session where you can be assisted or aid others in their projects. We work mostly in the apprentice shop except for those that are working in the golem lab.

Exploration Endeavors
During school breaks, nothing interesting happens at the school. Of course, somewhere in the world something interesting is happening and we aim to find it. Take the knowledge you learn in that dusty tomb or the boring lecture and put it to application in the field and see the sights that are only illustrated. While we have no club activities until the mid semester break in two months, that doesn’t mean we can’t meet to plan for it. Leave a note for Oropher Lissul on the 7th floor.

[There are a few papers advertising religious meetings (mostly good and neutral deities and Asmodeus), PM if your character inquires]

Bulletin Board

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