Maven are students of near mastery. These students are obvious from their red robes and the style of the gold on their robes is determined personally. The red shows the blood of sacrifice and effort.

Maven are now allowed into the more restrictive second wing of the library (there are only two wings to the library). This section is filled with the biographies of powerful magi across Golarion and the old spells of long ago.

Now a junior member of the Arcanamirium, maven are allowed to use the university name when doing business. In addition, students are allowed to assist professors as apart of their continued education. Many graduates to the maven level leave to make their fortune in the world, especially if the tuition has run them out of money.

The test to reach the great position of Arcanscenti requires the student to create their own spell and give full disclosure to the Arcanamirium. While this means that the university has many custom spells in their library, it is not known where the spells are kept.


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