New Character Creation Guide

Follow the below guide for creating your character, let me know if you have questions. In regard to secrecy, I only require that you publicly post physical description and obvious equipment. All other information can be sent privately to me (if I don’t know about it, then it doesn’t exist).

Level: Up to 4th level, players may decide to be lower level if they wish.

Ability Scores: 20 point buy

Race: Core Rule Book Races

Classes: All Pathfinder classes are acceptable, including the new ones. The only requirement is that you have the ability to cast 1st level arcane spells (no higher). Class archetypes written by Paizo are accepted.

Skills: The only requirement is that your character needs 1 rank of KN:Arcana and Spellcraft to get into the school.

Feats: All Pathfinder materials acceptable

Traits: All Pathfinder materials acceptable, 2 traits that must be of different types (social, racial, etc)

Hit Points: Half your hit dice +1 per level, including first level

Spells: Starting spells must be from the core rulebook for Pathfinder, the opportunity to study beyond the basic spells will be provided in game.

Money/Equipment: PC’s get one magical item of 8,000 gold or less. In addition, your characters have up to 500 gold of cash to spend. Anything 1 gold and below does not need to be accounted for within reason.

Background: I would prefer players to let me know how their tuition is funded. The source can be from sponsorship of an organization, family, or even a scholarship provided by a professor. If you like, you can give me a few course names for classes that your character would take.

The majority of the character creation rules can be waived if they restrict a roleplaying aspect of your character. If you want to do something that goes outside these guidelines, ask me about it.

New Character Creation Guide

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