Dueling League

The Dueling League is the Arcanamirium’s organized combat organization. The League has two divisions, the Combat League and the Summoning League.

Combat League:

The three competitions in the Combat League operate under the same rules. The Combat League has three competitions: 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5. In addition, there is also a separation by rank, but lower rank student may participate in the higher rank competitions.

Combatants first determine range. Of the three options, both teams eliminate one option so that one remains. The choices are short (30 ft), medium (100 ft), and long (300 ft).

Next, the preparation time is determined. The team that decided range last determines preparation time first in the same way. You may eliminate one of the three options; no preparation, a quarter minute (3 rounds) and a half minute (5 rounds).

Finally, open combat starts. Any spell that does not immediately kill is allowed. During competitions, an aura of Mercy will be produced on the field which will cause spells cast to be less life threatening. After someone yields or is unconscious, they are relocated from the fighting grounds. Lastly, weapons are allowed but the use of weapons must be apart of the application of a spell. You can have your weapon temporarily enchanted to inflict bruises rather than bloodshed. Any disposable items such as wands, potions, and scrolls must be no more powerful than what magic you are capable of producing.

Summoning League

Dueling League

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